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Beautiful Town One Hour Southeast
of Mazatlán

Its main attraction is the Chara Pinta Reserve. In the town, you can find the San Sebastián de Concordia Temple , the only baroque style temple in the state, and the City Hall.

Some 400 furniture artisans in Concordia, Mexico, are busy producing hand- crafted furniture
for U.S. and Mexican buyers.

The artisans are working in 70 shops.While most main plazas in Mexico hold statues to great historic figures, the monument in the plaza of this rural community is an eight-foot-high wood and leather rocking chair.

The oversized rocking chair, now weathered by age and use, is the symbol of the town's most productive enterprise - furniture making.

Concordia has been building on its reputation for unique furniture designs for nearly half a century. The first design, a simple square chair frame with stretched-leather back and seat, still remains a local favorite.

Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) Concordia, Sinaloa, MexicoBecause of its tourist vocation, which captivates visitors and locals with culture, art, colonial architecture, cuisine and nature, but above all for its warmth, five towns in Sinaloa received the distinctive Pueblo Señorial. These recognitions will allow these peoples to be promoted in the state and national tourism agenda, as well as to facilitate access to programs and actions that will improve the infrastructure and services of these picturesque communities.


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From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to Concordia, Sinaloa


From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to Concordia, Sinaloa