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Rural Sinaloa
the heat in Sinaloa

Visit the Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción Parish Temple , the General José Aguilar
Barraza House
, the Cruz del Perdón and the Coal Furnaces in la Cruz. It has natural attractions
such as Ipucha spring waters, the Turtles Sanctuary in Playa Ceuta and Tempehuaya, Celestino
and Rosendo Nieblas Bays.

Elota in Sinaloa (region) is a town located in Mexico - about 578 mi (or 931 km) North-West of
Mexico City, the country's capital town.

Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) Elota, Sinaloa, MexicoBecause of its tourist vocation, which captivates visitors and locals with culture, art, colonial architecture, cuisine and nature, but above all for its warmth, five towns in Sinaloa received the distinctive Pueblo Señorial. These recognitions will allow these peoples to be promoted in the state and national tourism agenda, as well as to facilitate access to programs and actions that will improve the infrastructure and services of these picturesque communities.


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From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to Elota, Sinaloa


From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to Elota, Sinaloa