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"Place that has as patron Saint Ignatius of Loyola"

San Ignacio, Sinaloa formally San Ignacio de Loyola, is a beautil Rural Sinaloa town. Located on the edge of the Los Frailes Range in the Sierra Madre mountains.

San Ignacio was founded by Jesuit missionary Diego González de Cueto in 1633 and is one of Sinaloa's prettiest Colonial mission towns and serves as the capital of San Ignacio municipality.

San Ignacio has the temple of "San Ignacio de Loyola" from the beginning of the 19th century; the municipal presidency that dates from the year of 1920; the central square and houses colonial architecture room.

The historical monuments that the municipality has are those dedicated to Don Benito Juárez and General Gabriel Leyva Velázquez.

The most popular parties of San Ignacio, is San Javier; on November 2 as in the whole state and the country is celebrated the day of the dead; the national patriotic celebrations, the day of the work, the Flag Day, the promulgation of the Constitution and Independence of Mexico.

There are tambora music bands and ranchero genre ensembles in the municipality, which are responsible for entertaining parties in the municipality.

Predominantly the textile and palm articles such as baskets and fans; furniture and basketry.

The most common casseroles that are prepared are the casserole and the stew based on beef; the colachi; dishes based on fish and seafood such as aguachile, zarandeado fish and scallops in its shell. Capirotada sweets, rice pudding and ham. Water drinks of horchata, tamarind, barley and the traditional "lemon water".

The municipal seat has colonial architecture, hot springs in Santa Apolonia and Agua Caliente de Yunar; It has attractive beaches in the town of Barras de Piaxtla.

Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) San Ignacio, Sinaloa, MexicoBecause of its tourist vocation, which captivates visitors and locals with culture, art, colonial architecture, cuisine and nature, but above all for its warmth, five towns in Sinaloa received the distinctive Pueblo Señorial. These recognitions will allow these peoples to be promoted in the state and national tourism agenda, as well as to facilitate access to programs and actions that will improve the infrastructure and services of these picturesque communities.


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From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to San Ignacio, Sinaloa