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I has natural attractions like the Iguanero Lagoon. In El Rosario you can visit the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Temple, the ruins of the old Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Temple , the Santa Cruz Chapel the (she was born in this place), the City Hall and the Spanish Cementery. Nearby are the Hacienda Cocoyótl (in Agua Verde , the Totorame Culture Museum (in Chametla , the Matatán
Parish Temple
, the old shed and the Cacalotán Parish Temple.

Not far from Mazatlan lies a secret "Magical Town" that boasts natural landscapes, including
Iguanero, a green lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation. The nearby ruins of a church play host each evening to a light show set to the soothing sounds of the fountains. As you enter the awe-inspiring church of La Señora del Rosario, you will not be able take your eyes off the immense, hand-crafted altarpiece; its majestic appearance and golden luster are enough to give anyone a religious experience. Walk aimlessly through its relaxed and sun-drenched streets, and feel the air on your face until you stumble upon a small island (reachable only by a suspension bridge). A place well worth the visit! Do not miss the chance to swim in the lagoon.

Come to live a unique experience in one of México's Pueblos mágicos; visit El Rosario.

Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) El Rosario, Sinaloa, MexicoThe Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) program was initiated by the Mexican government to help preserve towns that embodied the best of Mexican culture, history and tradition. Launched in 2001, the program provides financial assistance to places that "reflect the beauty of traditional Mexican culture" according to the Secretary or Tourism. The program has met with great success in terms of increasing tourism and bringing a much needed business into these areas. Currently, there are 34 towns that are officially listed as Pueblos Magicos. El Rosario is since the year 2012 on the list of Magical Tows of Mexico


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From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to El Rosario, Sinaloa


From Mazatlán, Sinaloa to El Rosario, Sinaloa